Round-up of Meetings - 2010

AGW-Net steering committee members have been fortunate to have been invited and been able to participate in a number of international meetings. At these meeting, we have been able to present AGW-Net as the meeting place for the African groundwater community, to showcase our activities such as the training courses, and to meet with partner organizations, networks and NGO's to share experiences and to plan joint activities for the future. 

In this section we will provide links to our AGW-Net reports from the various meetings and provide a synthesis of the key issues that were discussed at  these meetings with regards to the African groundwater community.


World Water Week, Stockholm, September 2010

 Dr Moustapha Diene

World Water Week is one of the major global water events, and AGW-Net was fortunate to be able to send two representatives to participate. Dr. Moustapha Diene (pictured below), our steering committee member from Senegal, representing Francophone and West African members, participated in an event on 'Groundwater Quality in Capacity Development'. Dr Richard Owen, the network manager from Zimbabwe, presented a profile of the Africa Groundwater Network, and also participated in the 3R event (recharge, recycle and reuse) where he presented a paper on 'gabion weirs'. The AGW-Net participation was sponsored by the German Geological Survey, BGR.

View video of Dr Owen's paper on gabion weirs




Splash LogoEuropean Union - Splash Water Sector Meeting: October 2010

 Dr. Callist Tindimugaya

Splash is the European Union Water Initiative - Research Area Network - and Splash has been supporting the Africa Groundwater Network from 2009. They funded our first course in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2009 and a second course in Lome, Togo in 2010 in French. Splash held its annual funding meeting in October 2010 in Bruxelles, Belgium to discuss its priorities for 2011 onwards, and invited AGW-Net to send a representative.

Steering Committee member from Uganda, Dr Callist Tindimugaya, represented AGW-Net at the Splash meeting and to presented the network and our activities and objectives to the participants. Although no funding decisions were taken at that meeting, the AGW-Net case will be considered when funding is allocated and we are hopeful for continuation of funding from Splash. AGW-Net wishes to also acknowledge BGR who are the core donors to that part of the Splash program that supports AGW-Net.

Visit the BGR website


Africa Water Week

Africa Water Week is the premier water event on the African calendar. Senior policy makers come together with the scientific community and the financiers to plan the way forward for the sustainable management of Africa's water resources. Groundwater is high on the AWW agenda. Several of our steering committee members were at AWW in their professional capacities: Callist Tindimugaya (Uganda), Martin Eduvie (Nigeria), Muna Mirghani (Sudan) and Tenalem Ayenew (Ethiopia). BGR sponsored the conference registration fees for Tenalem.

Our steering committee members were able to meet with Mr Omar Salem, the Chair of the Africa Groundwater Commission, and in time we hope that AGW-Net and AGWC will be able to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. You made read more about this is the news section where we present the various MoU's that we have with our partner networks, including the draft MoU submitted to AGWC.


left to right: Martin Eduvie (Nigeria); Muna Mirghani (Sudan); Tenalem Ayenew (Ethiopia)
left to right: Martin Eduvie (Nigeria); Muna Mirghani (Sudan); Tenalem Ayenew (Ethiopia)